The participants evaluate the activity by placing themselves on a scheme based on their opinion of given statements.


Tape, or something with a similar function


  1. Preparation: Use the tape to create a target on the floor.
  2. Make a bullseye that represents a 10, and then 9 other rings.
  3. Delivery: When the session starts, explain to the participants that the facilitator will read out several statements, and that the participants will have to choose how much they agree by placing themselves somewhere on the target. The bullseye (10) is equal to “strongly agree” and the 1 is equal to “strongly disagree”.
  4. After the participants have chosen a spot, ask if someone wants to explain why they have chosen the number/ring.

Example statements:

  • I have learned something during this event
  • I have made new friends
  • I know more about the main topic now than when I arrived
  • I will use what I have learned when I go back home
  • Attending this event has been useful for me

Tips for facilitator

A variation can be to place a chair in the middle of the room and ask participants to get as close to the chair as possible if they agree and as far away if they disagree.

This is also a good method to reflect on the participants opinions, but also follow up with questions with agency, like “what could you have done to help the situation?” “how would you have prepared this if you knew this in advance”, this increases the participants understanding that they also have a chance to impact the way the activity is carried out.

Additional info

User comment: I was a participant in this activity at the RYEurope Conference in Estonia, 2017, and it was a very good way to visualize the evaluation of the event.