Participants express their opinion on given statements by placing themselves on a barometer line.


Posters with agree/disagree (optional)


  1. The person facilitating the activity has a list of different questions and statements.
  2. The participants should stand in an imaginary line which represents a scale from “I agree”/”yes” to “I disagree/no”.
  3. When the participants have chosen sides, they are asked to explain why they chose that side/that spot on the scale.

Example statements:

  • I have learned something during this event
  • I have made new friends
  • I know more about the main topic now than when I arrived
  • I will use what I have learned when I go back home
  • Attending this event has been useful to me

Tips for facilitator

The facilitator does not need to ask everyones oppions, but it can be a good chance to ask people who have diverse opions and “extreme” opinions about their reasoning.
Have someone take notes from the comments as those can be very useful for reporting on the activity.

Additional info

User comment: I’ve participated in this activity at the Grand Prep-meeting in Latvia, and facilitated it at the Autumn Seminar in Austria, both 2017. It can be used for a specific theme (i.e. “in my rural area”), or evaluation. It’s a great way to involve everyone, even those who don’t really like to talk and raise their hand.