Participants pass a ball of yarn and share feelings, impressions and closing comments.


A ball of yarn


  1. Participants are forming a circle.
  2. One person has a ball of yarn in his hands.
  3. He throws it to another person and has to say his/her name and something he likes about him/her.
  4. This goes on until everyone has had the ball of yarn once. In the end it looks like a spider net and everyone is connected.
  5. Pass a scissor around and encourage participants to cut a piece of the yarn to wear as a bracelet to remember the activity by.

Tips for facilitator

You can as the facilitator draw conclusions on how the net symbolises the network that has been created through the activity and encourage participants to keep in touch after to keep the network alive.

You can create variations by asking the participants to reflect on different things while passing the yarn.

Additional info

User comment: I first encountered this method at the RYEurope Conference in Estonia, 2017. It was a great way to say goodbye to the other participants, and I got to keep a piece of the yarn, and I still have the bracelet I made from it today!