Meet the awesome people who have made, are making and will keep making Rural Youth Europe the organisation it is today!

How does it work?Why Rural Youth Europe?


  • RYEurope has 20 member organisations in 18 countries and around 500,000 young participants. These youngsters are members of local rural youth organisations, such as Young Farmers’ or 4H organisations. The participants consist mainly of young people who live in rural areas or have an interest in rural life. The member organisations are divided into 4 regional groups.

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  • The Board has a maximum of seven members. Each of the four regional groups has a representative in the Board. The countries in the regions take turns in nominating a Board member. Besides the four regional representatives, the Board has a Chairperson, a Vice-Chairperson and possibly one more person, who is independently elected. The term of service in the Board is two years. The Board meets 3-4 times per year and has Skype meetings according to need.

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  • The daily affairs of Rural Youth Europe are run by the Secretariat in Helsinki. The Secretary General is employed on permanent basis and runs the office with the help of one or several assistants.

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