Swedish 4H National Conference brings together volunteers

Emma Hansson reports on the Swedish 4H National Conference.

In the end of January the Swedish 4H National conference was held in Norrköping.An excellent way to kick off the new year, get new energy and of course network. Meeting old friends and making new ones in the organisation, exchanging ideas and getting inspiration is one of the ways to develop Swedish 4H.

Representsfrom 4H-clubs all over Sweden met during the weekend and took part in different seminars. The seminars aim to give both information and inspiration. This year we had seminars and workshops about beeing a volonteer, Agenda 2030, our new member system and treasure hunting in the nature – a game that can easily be played at our local 4H clubs. Members from the Norweigian 4H was also there to give us inspiration and advice about how they work with camps. Thank you Norway! We also had a member from the Rural Youth Europe board visiting. Nicolai Olsen talked about RYEurope’s events. Thank you RYEurope!

Another important happening during the conference was of course the Klövergala. A gala dinner where prizes were awarded in different categories; like project of the year, board member of the year and leader of the year.

Now we are looking forward to another 4H-year filled with ideas and energy from the Swedish 4H National Conference.

Happy to share what’s happening in the Swedish 4H with RYEurope!

photo: Alma Bengtsson