Guardians of Equality- Greetings from the Junior Event

A group of excited young people and leaders gathered together in Inari, Northern Finland for this year’s junior event “Guardians of Equality”. The theme of the event was gender equality. At first participants shared their own experiences about gender issues in their countries, then they learned more about the topic and at the end of the week they started to plan projects to make the world a little bit more equal.

During the week the participants also hiked a 13 km route in amazing surroundings. For the hike participants were given a role they needed to play to simulate life. On their way they faced different kind of stations where they were treated differently and in extremely unfair way based on their gender, sexual orientation and skin colour. Participants found it really useful and they realised that some people face this kind of situations every day.


Mikko Välitalo

Board member